InterHealth Canada TCI is an equal opportunity employer.

The Human Resource Management of Turks & Caicos Islands Hospital aims to ensure the community and overseas visitors are provided with high quality healthcare. This is achieved through focusing on developing knowledgeable, highly motivated, accountable teams to ensure our continued success.

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Turks & Caicos Islands Hospital provides a dynamic work environment for employees. There are opportunities to grow and excel in a variety of healthcare professions. We offer internal mandatory training in a wide range of areas throughout the year for all employees.  Our vacancies are advertised via local mainstream newspapers and may occasionally be published on our website or associated social media pages.

Please feel free to send your resumes to our recruitment email via: recruitment@interhealthcanada.tc or send a hard-copy version with an attached cover letter to our hospital reception desk. Please remember to address your envelope to the Human Resource Department.

TCI Hospital has partnered with internationally recognized ECFMG – Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates to ensure new physicians undergo primary source verification. This practice is increasing as the threat of fraudulent documents/credentials increases globally.

ECFMG will provide Primary Source Verification services to medical staff applying for positions at TCI hospital as of 1st September 2017. Applicants will have to contact ECFMG directly, submit their credentials and once credentials are verified, our Human Resource Management team will receive a certificate that confirms the documents are credible.

Once received, a confirmation will be sent to the applicant via email. If you are short-listed to be interviewed a member of our Human Resource Management team will contact you. Please feel free to contact us with any queries regarding the status of your application.


The mission of the Turks Islands Hospital is to provide the community and its visitors with high quality healthcare. In order to ensure that it delivers on this promise the office of education invests much time in supporting this mission by ensuring that the clinical and non-clinical human resources of the Hospital are afforded the opportunity to develop and enhance their technical skills and abilities. The Office of Education, which is a division of the Human Resources Department, is mandated with co-ordinating and administering a robust suite of programs which include:

• Soft skills workshops
• In service training Continuing Professional Education
• Web-casts
• Online Learning
• Professional Re-Certification

The Office of Education is also intricately involved with the orientation of new hirers and supports the Human Resources team in developing effective programs to ensure that persons are fully integrated into the organisation and also that they are conversant with the organisation’s remit as relates to healthcare and general administrative requirements.

Staff are exposed to annual mandatory training programs that cover key areas of patient safety such as:

• Manual handling
• Infection Control
• Cultural Diversity
• Fire Safety
• Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
• Quality & Risk Management

The department ensures that its programs utilize blended, cutting edge learning methodologies and encourage professional development of all staff by providing individual and departmental consultations as part of the performance management process.

In-service programs afford medical, clinical and administrative the opportunity to facilitate some of the training sessions to encourage them to sharpen and shape their talents and skills in their particular area of expertise through research and knowledge sharing. Individual coaching is encouraged as well as peer learning so that the knowledge and culturally diverse experiences of senior and junior staff members strengthens the knowledge, skills and abilities of the organization as a whole.